«Asia Bibi requested me to care for her family and I risk my own life because she’s the symbol of christian faith»

Interview with Joseph Nadeem, the pakistani executive director of Renaissance Education Foundation who risks his own life to defend and help Asia Bibi’s family on her personal request.

Interview with Joseph Nadeem, the pakistani executive director of Renaissance Education Foundation who risks his own life to defend and help Asia Bibi’s family on her personal request.

What is the main focus of your Renaissance Education Foundation for helping Pakistanis?
Renaissance Education Foundation (REF) was established in 1996 in the loving memory of Mr. and Mrs. Gian Gill. (May their souls rest in peace). We started with very small number of students for computer classes which were highly demanded by the community and I am proud to announce that REF is completing 16 years of its excellence services in the  field of education and has turned out from Montessori to A higher secondary School. The main focus is to uplifting the Christian community in Pakistan. Our community based projects are: Education, Human Rights, Prostitutions (for saving their next generation), Orphanage and others.

Why did you decide to work in this field?
I was working in Muslim school as an Administrator and during my services I observed our Christian children were facing discrimination very badly. God given me the vision to serve the Christian Community and since 1996,Renaissance Education Foundation working to uplift the Christian community through Education.

I read in an interview with Ashiq Masih that you are giving a great help to him, Asia Bibi and his family. How you come to know them?
Asia Bibi requested me before December 2010, when on her request, I personally took this challenge to keep her family under the shelter of Renaissance Education Foundation (REF). That was the time when nobody was eager to take risk to make relation with the family of Asia Bibi, Renaissance Education Foundation accepted the family of Asia Bibi from the core of its heart because of Asia Bibi’s faith, and trust in Jesus Christ. She believes in God and His great love, she is proud to sacrifice herself and loves to spend her life being prisoner as a Christian and will never convert to any other religion  for her freedom. This was the reason that REF is caring them.

What are up to now the conditions of Asia Bibi in the jail of Sheikhupura? How she prepares herself to live this Christmas?
Before coming to Spain I along with the family of Asia Bibi went to see her in the Jail,she was fine and going to prepares herself for the coming Christmas with very happily,She is thinking that Jesus will born for her freedom.She has strong faith in Jesus Christ that’s why she is happy.

What are, instead, the conditions of his family? In the interview Ashiq Masih told that they live in fear and that they are not safe.
Yes he told the truth of their life.

We read in Italy all the false charges against Asia Bibi and that there is still not a date for the appeal trial. Why it takes so long?
The family doesn’t have financial resources to pull her out from the jail and submit the appeal in the court, due to the international presser the case is still hold and as soon as the family gets resource to submit the appeal, she will be released by the grace of Jesus Christ.

In the case of Rimsha Masih, a lot of muslim clerics supported her too. It is the case even for Asia Bibi? If not, why? What does the society think about her trial?
Rimsha Masih was innocent as Asia Bibi is, Rimsha is 11 years old and God dearly was and is there to support her and she immediately released with the support of Muslim who were there at that moment.It was fake story for her but Asia Bibi’s case is different and now is international case. Although she is innocent and the story is fake too. There was no investigation on this case as Rimsha’s case clear through investigation.

I read a letter written by Asia Bibi in which she states: «One judge, Naveed Iqbal, one day came to my prison and told me that he could change my trial if I would have converted to Islam. I would have been freed. I answered him: if you sentence me to death because I love God, I am proud to sacrifice my life for Him». That is an incredible witness for any christian in the world. You know Asia Bibi and you visited her: how can she be so strong in her faith in God’s love in this very difficult situation?
She has scarified her life neither for her own self nor her family but for her religion, for being the follower of Jesus Christ. She is the symbol of strong faith for our young generation who could face religious challenges in their lives, not exactly the same way but somehow similar to this.

Ashiq Masih said that Asia Bibi, even once released, needs international protection in a foreign country. Is she in danger? Why?
Yes she is in danger because she could be killed when she released.

Are you optimist or not about the conclusion of her trial?
At present no Idea for trial.

There is something we can do for her and her family from Italy?
Keep praying and ask Italian people to support the family for submit the appeal in the court.

Salman Taseer and Shahbaz Bhatti have been killed because they struggled for Asia Bibi and against the blasphemy law. Have their sacrifices been useful? There is a change in the society, even if small? The blasphemy law can be changed?
No any change still is appear even both struggled for Asia Bibi and who so ever raise the voice against this    issue can be a morsel of death or assassination.

Ashiq Masih told about you: “Joseph Nadeem lost a lot of things because of us: may God bless him”. How do you live this difficult situation and why do you decide to help Asia Bibi and his family, although it is dangerous?
I thank you to Ashiq Masih for such kind of remarks, I stand on our mission of my organization is to uplifting the persecuted Christians and Asia Bibi is the symbol of the faith on her personal request I am bound to support her family even I could be in danger. Keep praying for me and my family and if a prisoner having with strong faith in Jesus Christ why we not and Jesus will ask us “I was prison and you never turn to ask me even”.